Started in December 2011, Brighton Feminist Collective is a sex-positive, pro-choice, trans-inclusive, and anti-exploitation feminist activist group.

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“My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit!” – Flavia Dzodan

Can you help us by volunteering at Reclaim the Night Brighton on the evening of Saturday 16th November? We're looking for volunteers of all genders for a variety of roles on the night. If you're available, please download this application form, fill it in and send it to Please do contact us with any questions or feedback.

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Brighton Feminist Collective

Welcome to our website! We're a new activist group of like-minded individuals who put on events and in order to support the egalitarian notion of feminism.

The Brighton Feminist Collective is a feminist activist and social group based in Brighton, with members from Brighton and the surrounding areas.

As a group, all of our activities abide by the following principles:

Statement of Intent

  • We are a non hierarchical group. We have no leader or chairperson. All decisions will be made by majority vote. Meetings will be run on a majority vote.
  • We are pro respect and anti shaming
  • We are trans* inclusive
  • We are pro-choice
  • We are anti-racist
  • We are sex positive and pro-sex worker rights
  • We are anti exploitation
  • We are pro-intersectionality and anti-kyriarchy

Pro-intersectionality: this means we acknowledge that the many forms of oppression in our society (based on gender, race, sexuality, ability, class and other aspects of our lives) interact - they are not totally independent from each other. As feminists, we shouldn't just focus on one of these oppressions and ignore the others. We need to consider how they relate to each other and affect people's lives in different ways.

Anti-kyriarchy: this means we are against the various oppressive structural and social systems that operate within our society. As well as being aganist the gender based system of oppression ('patriarchy'), we are against all of these other systems too - the ones based on race, sexuality, ability, class and so on.

  • We are a pro knowledge/fact based group (i.e. we will not base our decisions on hearsay/rumour. We will always do our research before making decisions)
  • We will work to ensure that free agency is truly free

Open to everyone who agrees with our principles. The Brighton Feminist Collective is not a women only space.

By taking part in any Brighton Feminist Collective activism, you are acknowledging our Statement of Intent and agree to abide by its principles.

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